Privacy Policy

In today information Society, Hubnet Express values the protection of Privacy and Civil liberties and committed to the strict Privacy Protection of our Internet users. All information collected through our Websites is strictly for our internal use for the purposes:

- to improve our products and services
- to improve our Website and its functions
- to compile data for our Marketing purposes

Whether users and visitors are accessing to our websites by registration in certain functions of Hubnet Express sites or by interactive functions, the information collected may also be used for the purposes stated above.

All or part of private, corporate or institutions information is confidentially stored and Hubnet Express, except from its own purposes and unless required by law, do NOT sell, distribute to any third parties outside Hubnet Express Group of Companies.

Any link to other Websites thru Hubnet Express will provide the link only. Users shall consult that site own Privacy Agreement.

Hubnet Express reserves the full right to amend this Privacy Agreement at any time with or without pre-advice. By using our Websites you expressly agreed to the basic Privacy Policy.